Warm Your Heart – Winter In Russia

Russian Girl Redhead In Winter

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The long, cold winter has a profound impact on almost every aspect of life in the Russian Federation. It affects where and how long people live and work, what kinds of crops are grown, and where they are grown (no part of the country has a year-round growing season).

The length and severity of the winter, together with the sharp fluctuations in the mean summer and winter temperatures, impose special requirements on many branches of the economy. During extended periods of darkness and cold, there are increased demands for energy, healthcare, and textiles.

During the winter the sun sits below the horizon much of the day. When it does rise above it produces only a negligible amount of heat. December is very dark. January and February are brighter because there is slightly more sunlight and snow covers the ground, covering the dirt and grime in the cities.

Hoarfrost is frost from fog and clouds that often forms lovely formations of tree branches. In the freezing cold, breath condenses as ice on men’s beards. -50 degrees C cold is cold enough shatter steel, freeze medium size lakes into a solid block of ice and make machines unworkable

Fog normally doesn’t exist in temperatures below freezing, yet where temperature hover around -50 degrees F it is foggy all the time. The “human habitation fog” here is crated by the exhalations or people, their homes, their buildings, their homes and their machines. Extremely cold air has virtually no humidity which explains in part why the fog doesn’t freeze or gate absorbed into the air. (Source: Facts and Details)

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