In a recent article on Conde Nast, Sebastian Modak reports on the content of a new Russian Tourist Etiquette Guide for Russians travelling around the world.

And, it’s sort of odd.

The “General Elements of Behavior” guide has what Modak calls “bewildering advice” on things that probably should go without saying.

“…it also includes bewildering advice that seems more in the realm of “how to be a good human” and less “don’t dip the sushi rice into the soy sauce.” -Modak reports.

One of the things he noticed in the guide was advice on how to curb any urges to discriminate or use hate speech where LGBT rights are part of national policy. Since Russia itself has laws on the books restricting what they call “LGBT propaganda,” they probably assume their travellers aren’t prepared to be very understanding of countries like the United States where there are strong protections for LGBT rights.

But, in such countries where this is simply “how to be a good human,” it definitely strikes a weird chord when one thinks about why this even needs to be mentioned in the General Elements of Behavior guide.

The guide covers etiquette in 52 different countries, yet is missing a really big one: the United States.

Apparently there’s no need to advise Russian travelers of any cultural or legal norms in the USA, yet they include far less-travelled places like Guinea-Bissaum, Mongolia and the Bahamas.

Modak’s article covers more oddities he found in the guide. But the main takeaway is there is a guide for Russian travellers that includes some weird omissions and some information one may think pretty obvious (if you aren’t from Russia, that is).

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