7 Second Date Tips That’ll Hopefully Lead to a Third …

So much of the time we tend to focus on what the 1st date is going to be like– “Is he going to think I’m just as pretty as my profile picture?” or “I hope she’s just as funny in person as she is over IM …” or the classic “Hopefully they’re actually the age their profile claims they are …”


And, your interview went GREAT– they loved the representative you sent in to break the ice and they’ve asked you on a 2nd date.  So, now it’s time to show a little bit more of your true colors and hope for the best, right ..?  Where the 1st date is more focused on making an impression the 2nd date should be more focused on building a connection.  So, here are a couple helpful tips to hopefully build more a relationship and get you that third date you might be prayin’ for!


Suggest a 2nd date fairly different from the 1st

A change in scenery, from time to time, can bring out a relatively different person than you ever would have expected.  So, if you met for coffee or dinner the first date, maybe suggest going on a hike or to an arcade. Different atmospheres can bring out different personalities in people and it can be fun to see the person you’re getting to know unfold.


Have some self-confidence …

The first date can be pretty nerve racking so your confident side might take a back seat– BUT!  You’re going on a second date with this person, so you obviously made a great impression the first time!  So, act with a little more assurance and let a little more of you personality come through!


… But DON’T be presumptuous

There’s a difference between being confident and cocky– it’s called being humble!  Know the difference. It’s great to talk about yourself and share more of your achievements with each other, BUT, know when to stop!


Flirt a Little

It’s okay to loosen up and touch someone’s arm or lightly tap their leg when something’s funny or you’re agreeing on a point.  By flirting a little this could potentially help the other person loosen up a little bit too. But, keep in mind to be respectful of boundaries and read the other person’s body language so you don’t cross a line!


Remember the Little Things

If you can, catch your date off guard and bring up something from the last date they wouldn’t have expected you to remember.  This shows that you took a genuine interest in what they had to say, and more importantly that you were listening!


Change Up the Topics

The first date is always a pretty generic list of questions and responses– “Where you work,” “how long have you been there,” “where are you from,” all that good (boring) stuff.  But, it’s the second date! Actually try to get to know this person– it always helps to ask the “why” behind some things. For example, “why did you decide to go into that field,” “did you like being the oldest/middle-youngest,” “what brought you out here.”  By asking questions like this you (hopefully) get more to the root of this person and actually learn about them.


Inquire about a Third Date

So, the second date is going really well– bottom like, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  It’s bold, yes, but this also gives your date assurance that you thought the date went well and you can see getting to know them better!

More importantly though, just have a good time.  This person obviously liked you enough to make time you, so loosen up and just have fun!      

Tayler Belle (she likes Belle) is a Freelance writer. She graduated from Cardinal Stritch University w/ Major – English and minor in Communications. Belle loves writing, playing be beach volleyball, hiking and hanging out with friends.