5 Texting Tips to Turn Your Man’s Head– What Guys Like to Hear (…or read)

Girls will quite literally stare at their for hours thinking of what to text a guy.  We meditate on what we’re planning on saying then text a draft to our friend and say, “Is this okay..?”  and eagerly await their answer … and, even if their friend says, “Yeah, that’s perfect!” we never end up sending that text and proceed to outline 3 more before FINALLY pushing send.


So, the question has to be asked– What texts do guys like to open up and not only read but, respond to ..?  We’ve outlined a couple blueprints to help you out, ladies …


         1)The Ball’s in Your Field Text

A simple, “Hey, last night was fun!  Let’s do it again sometime …” or “That movie was hysterical, there’s another one I think you might like that we can watch sometime!”  By doing this the guy is reassured that you had a good time and would like to see him again. BUT, you are also giving him the ability to take the initiative on the next date.  Let’s face it ladies, it’s still somewhat of a man’s world so letting them make the next call is definitely a good place to start in prompting the to respond to a text.


         2) The Classic “Advice” Text

“Know any good restaurants downtown?  Gonna be there for a meeting this week and need a couple suggestions?”  Even if you already know where you’re going to be getting lunch, it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there for the sake of a casual conversation, right ..?  Guys LOVE sharing their “expertise” and enlightening you with their two cents worth of input, so give them a minute for their advice to be valuable when really, all you wanted to do was chat.  Win, win ….


         3) Simple But Sweet, Straight Forward to The Point Text

“In a meeting until 4– Let’s chat after.”  Though, on some level, men can be just as talkative as women, there texting skills can take a backseat in the overall means of communication.  You’re not exclusive yet or you’ve just been on a couple dates, so the best way to utilize texting use it more as a segway for making plans. And, if there’s something you want to tell him it’s better to set a day to meet or just pick up the phone and call him.


         4) Time and Place Text

“Wanna meet at The Bar for drinks at 7pm?”  It’s nice to let the guys make plans every now and again, but it’s okay to relieve him of that pressure every now and again.  He might even think it’s kinda hot that you take the reins from time to time. It’s a running joke that women can “never make up their mind,” right?  So, let’s prove ‘em wrong and take matters into our own hands, ladies!


         5) The Suggestive Text …

“Help me pick out a dress for girls night ..?”  ‘Nough said. Am I right? This is a fun, flirty text that’ll (hopefully) have his imagination going a little bit.  Though it might stray away from your typical conversation it’s kinda fun to see what happens when you spice it up a bit!


Keep in mind that all men are different when it comes to texting.  Every girl has turned to their girlfriend(s) at one point or another and said, “What’s this supposed to mean?” while you all brainstorm how to decode the text– But, these 5 suggestions are definitely a good place to start for initiating a simple conversation that will hopefully lead to something a little more exciting!     


Tayler Belle (she likes Belle) is a Freelance writer. She graduated from Cardinal Stritch University w/ Major – English and minor in Communications. Belle loves writing, playing be beach volleyball, hiking and hanging out with friends.