How To Send Flirty Messages Via Text or Online 101– 4 Ways to Flirt with Your Crush

We’ve all been tongue-tied when approaching our crush.  Trying to compose the perfect first line that will magically have the two of you reminiscing over “the phrase that started it all …”  Then it happens, you open your months and it immediately goes downhill from there like a runaway train and for some reason we can’t get ourselves to shut up.  And, suddenly, the boy or girl of our dreams becomes just that, a dream.


So, why does flirting seem to come so easy for some and not for others?  One liners seem to be the language they speak best– the opposite sex essentially drooling over the next phrase to come.  Speaking as someone who’s always had trouble flirting the following suggestions will help set a good base line when it comes to flirting via text or online …


Ask questions

This sounds way too easy, right?– But, in all honesty, it’s SO true.  Think about, when you’re interested in someone and they send you a text that reads, “Hey, how are you ..?”  Your mind (at least for women especially) goes wild thinking, “Oh my gosh he wants to know how I’m doing and immediately you’re giddy.  Also, by asking someone what they’re doing it might imply that you’d like to join them …

The possibilities are quite literally endless when it comes to asking a simple question.  Recall Joey Tribbiani from friends..?– His infamous line was, “How you doin’” and look where that got him!


Emojis can help convey what you can’t

Let’s be honest, text and online messages are already hard enough to decode.  Frankly, if someone uses a period instead of an exclamation point we literally seem to start questioning everything– “All he put was a period, he must be mad at me!”  We’ve all been there, but emojis are called emojis for a reason, to help convey your emotions.  

But, don’t overuse emojis.  You don’t want to look back on your conversation and suddenly feel like highschool girl using an emoji to replace words instead of just showing that your excited or happy.  The “flirtier” emojis are obviously the winky face or the kissy face emojis. Though, keep in mind that those emojis are strictly for flirting– there’s no flying under the radar when using some emojis and those are some prime examples!


Have a plan

Making a plan and being direct with the intentions of your plans are not only flirty, but incredibly attractive.  Think about it, you get a text that reads, “I was planning on seeing the new Jurassic World movie this Friday, how’d you like to come if you’re free..?”  (Maybe throw in a winky face or two) BAM! Taking initiative is not only bold, but definitely constitutes as being flirty, because let’s be honest, it’s fun to be bossed around sometime 😉     


Be cute and aloof

Tread carefully here, but when done right this is a surefire way to flirt!  The first rule to this suggestion is to NOT misinterpret “cute and aloof” as “cheesy and stupid” because there is a fine line, but if you are smart enough to not cross it this tool will definitely help you.  It’s cute to be dazed and confused and a lot of time can make you seem simple and down to earth and could get you points for being funny too.


Flirting definitely isn’t everyone’s strong suite, but we all tend to have our own little way of doing it.  But, just know that someone’s going to think it’s irresistibly cute and fall for you regardless!

Tayler Belle (she likes Belle) is a Freelance writer. She graduated from Cardinal Stritch University w/ Major – English and minor in Communications. Belle loves writing, playing be beach volleyball, hiking and hanging out with friends.