Online Dating for Men 101– 10 Tips to That’ll Make You an Online Dating Expert

Believe it or not, there’s a right and a wrong way to construct an online profile– unwritten rules if you will.  So, how do you go about not making these rookie mistakes..?– We’re here to help. Here’s 10 online dating tips that’ll hopefully ease the process for you.


    1. Know the right sites— There are literally thousands of dating websites and apps.  There’s essentially something out there for everyone. And, with all the free downloads and trial periods it makes it affordable to know which one works best for you and relationship you’re trying to create.
    2. Individuality—  This is probably the most important part of any dating website because you are essentially promoting yourself and all your (hopefully) charming characteristics.  This is essentially your resume, so don’t overlook this part of the process. A decent blueprint to follow is this– Who you are, you interests and hobbies, and what you are looking for relationaly.  
    3. Be concise—  It’s easy for anyone to copy and paste a generic greeting, but honestly people (especially women) see through that so easily because they see it all the time.  This is an example of a generic statement, “You have a beautiful smile.” That almost doesn’t even warrant a response. But, if you take the time to actually comment on a picture of there’s or mention something regarding their profile, the other person can tell and will more than likely respond in a positive way simply because you took the time.


  • Sense boundaries—  Everyone sets different boundaries when it comes to online dating, so try to be aware and respectable.  There’s no written rule for when it’s appropriate to ask for someone’s phone number or if they’d like to meet in person.  It’s definitely more of a situational deal– So, be sure to be conscious of where the conversation is going and try to be aware of where you think the other person might be.  


  1. Inquire—  Plain and simple, you have to ask questions to keep a conversation going.  Especially online because, even if they don’t mean to, people tend to disappear on you.  “Ghosting” is a real thing, so stay ahead of it, keep engaging with the other person by asking simple questions that will hopefully lead to more of a conversation.  
  2. Stay positive—  This is online dating, so try to keep the content of your conversation light and positive at all costs.  Most people aren’t looking for you to dive head on into their life, so unless it’s more of a 3rd date people tend to want to focus on the positive because they’re still trying to make a good impression.
  3. Make your move—  After messaging back and forth it should be easy to tel after a certain amount of time whether or not the other person is interested in going on a date at all.  So, don’t be afraid to make a move– even it’s a simple suggestion, it doesn’t have to be anything formal. Just, “Hey, maybe we could meet for coffee sometime?” and see where that conversation takes you.  Don’t wait too, too long to make a move though, because it’s possible that the other person might get tired of waiting to be asked if they’re not bold enough to make the first move.
  4. Be specific—  Though you should make your move within a certain amount of time make sure you have a plan.  The last thing anyone wants to hear the day of a first date is, “what should we do..?” That’s quite literally one of the most unattractive things anyone could do when they’re trying to date someone.  Be bold, and take initiative– if you are the one to inquire about going on a date the other person will more than likely expect that you have at least a little something planned.
  5. Get their number-–  Especially if you’re going on a date make sure that you get their phone number.  Just in case you hit traffic and might be a little late. This is mainly just for logistics.
  6. Know when to get offline—  As soon as you think you have a real connection with someone and could see the relationship going somewhere be sure to get offline.  This doesn’t mean that you’re officially exclusive it’s more a courtesy. Let’s face it you can’t keep your profile up forever and the whole point of signing up was to meet someone in the first place.


It’s a general rule of thumb that your profile will attract as much attention as time you put into it.  So, be original! And, remember, the whole point of online dating is to eventually date in the “real world!”       

Tayler Belle (she likes Belle) is a Freelance writer. She graduated from Cardinal Stritch University w/ Major – English and minor in Communications. Belle loves writing, playing be beach volleyball, hiking and hanging out with friends.