Date Like a MAN– 10 Things Guys Should Know About Dating Before 25

So, I’m actually in my (early) 20’s and one of the most commonly asked questions I get from my girlfriends is, “Why can’t I get a relationship to last longer than a couple of weeks?”  The FIRST question I ask is really basic, but says a lot based on how the relationship might end up going, “How did you meet …?” Most of my friends tend to meet at bars– And, when they first encounter this person they’re usually under the influence.  Now, I’m not saying that couples can’t last when/ if they meet like this, but typically, people my age aren’t looking for anything serious they just want a little consistency.  


Regardless of how you might meet your significant other one aspect remains the same– In order for a relationship to work a good deal EFFORT needs to be put in.  And, quite frankly, I can honestly say that this is an area that men in their 20’s struggle with. So, here are a couple tips to help any man who seems to be in limbo– Here’s how to date like a man!


  1. Open Doors–  This will always and forever be a classic move.  Don’t underestimate something so timeless and simple.  
  2. Every Woman Likes Flowers–  Sometimes, women say they don’t want flowers, but at the end of the day it’s not about the flowers, it’s the thought and effort behind the flowers. It’s never a bad idea, especially, to show someone you’re genuinely, romantically interested in them.
  3. Fun > Fancy–  Don’t get me wrong, fancy dates are nice and elegant, but in the beginning stages of a relationship fun beats fanciness everytime.  This gives the two of you an opportunity to feel comfortable and get to know each other.
  4. Ask Her About Herself–  As basic as this sounds this is the absolute truth.  When you let a woman talk about herself and ask her questions she feels incredibly valued.  Just make sure you’re listening!
  5. Chill Out–  Yes, getting to know someone can be nerve racking, but whatever you do DON’T ask them 10+ times if they’re having a good time.  Just assume they’re having a good time and continue to roll with it.
  6. Carry a Condom, But DON’T Have Expectations–  Have one just to be safe, but by NO means anticipate and or push it if it doesn’t seem to be happening organically.  
  7. Be HONEST With Her–  Be real with your intentions and what you actually want out of the relationship.  Even if you don’t want to be “mean” it’s better to seem like a jerk for two minute conversation instead of leading her on for couples weeks and then ghosting her.   
  8. There’s No Such Things as a “Calling Rule”–  There’s a myth goin’ around town that you have to wait three days to call.  That rule is bull****. Of course don’t blow up her phone like a madman with no control, but a phone call or a “how are you text” is never a bad thing and there definitely isn’t a time frame on it!
  9. Rules About Dick Pics–  Never send an unsolicited dick pic unless she asks for one, or sends you nudes frist!  
  10. Don’t Bring Up Your Ex’s–  Never actually a good idea.  EVER. Plain and simple.


Dating in your 20’s is always really weird.  Hopefully these tidbits come handy!