6 Key Components To a Healthy Relationship– What They Have in Common

It’s no secret that each relationship is different and special in its’ own way.  As cliche as that sounds, it’s entirely true. Everything ranging from personalities, interest, past experiences, dating styles– the list is quite literally endless.  But, what is it about these relationships that keeps the two of them together..? Healthy relationships and the components that make up a healthy relationship is something to be explored because, at one point or another, we all wind up searching for something that lasts.  


These 6 keys seem to be found at the root at every healthy, long-lasting relationship …


You feel Secure.

Feeling safe and a sense of absolute security is never anything that should be compromised in any sort of relationship.  Not just that you feel safe, but also that you make your partner feel safe. Keep in mind I don’t mean “safe” in the sense that if someone picked a fight your partner would beat them up (although that is an added perk)– safe in the sense that you feel comfortable telling them your thoughts and feelings regarding meaningful subjects.  Making yourself vulnerable in a relationship is always scary because there’s a fear of being judged and potentially rejected. But, couples who are able to cross that line and feel entirely accepted and secure definitely have the healthiest of relationships.


Mutual Respect.  

My mom and dad used to have a marriage/ Bible study growing up, and my parents (especially my mom) always said, “Men value respect over love.”  And in all honesty, though that statistic holds true, women desire to be respected as well (especially in this day and age). Being able to both give and receive respect throughout the course of your relationship is huge– If you constantly feel yourself rolling your eyes at your partners choices you may need to be begin viewing scenarios through an alternate scope.  Otherwise, down the road, you may need to do some serious damage control– because your partner can definitely sense when their views aren’t being respected.


Showing Affection.

Affection is definitely something that will vary from couple to couple– especially when it comes to showing affection in public.  Otherwise known as PDA, public display of affection. But, there are different forms of affection. Sometimes, affection looks as simples as having a conversation about your day and ACTUALLY listening to one another.  Or simply a goodnight or a good morning kiss. Get to know your partner’s love language and begin taking an interest in what translates as “love” to them. Showing affection plays a huge role in a healthy relationship.  


One-On-One Time.

Depending on much time you and your partner spend together or how long the two of you have been together it’s easy to overlook something as small as quality time.  But, it’s definitely an aspect that should remain a priority throughout the course of your relationship. Do not mistaken simply existing together in the same space as quality time together.  Plan date nights, do new things together– even if it’s just staying at home with a bottle of wine and a home cooked meal it’s amazing the emotions that will erupt when you take the time do something a little out of the ordinary.  


Similar goals.

Shared goals always help a relationship run a bit more smoothly.  Sharing similar goals helps to steer where the relationship could potentially be going.  It’s hard talking about some topics like, marriage, kids, if the other person would be willing to move– but, at the end of the day, it helps to keep these things in mind when moving forward and hopefully growing deeper in you relationship.  Sometimes, it’s okay to not entirely agree, but the most important aspect is taking what the other person says into consideration and understanding their perspective on the situation. Having goals that are aligned seems to make for a smoother relationship, but there are also times where not seeing eye to eye can also help you grow deeper in appreciating the other person’s perspective.


Teamwork makes the Dream Work.  

As cliche as it sounds, as often as we’ve all heard it and probably said it– “A relationship needs to be a two way street!”  Healthy relationships always have an appropriate amount of give and take. This boils down to the fact that you no longer live to support just yourself, but you’ve also begun to take someone else’s interest into consideration.  Not just in tasks throughout the day or week when it comes to who washes the dishes and who’s going grocery shopping– but, also being there to mentally and emotionally support each other.


Every relationship is unique, but at the end of the day there are similar core values in each.  Everyone desires to feel loved, secure, and happy in their relationship. Hopefully this helps shed light on what should be viewed as a priority from here on out!