6 Cheap Ways to Put That Spark Back in Your Long-Term Relationship

Even if we don’t often admit it, at one point or another in our long-term relationship we can sense that spark start to fade.  It’s not that you are no longer in love, and it’s not that you want to see anyone else– It’s the simple fact that your days and routines have become habitual and it feels as though you’re simply existing together.  

So, how do you reignite that flame ..?–  Lucky for you it’s easy, and fortunately it’s inexpensive!  See, the science behind reigniting that flame is to bring you back to the roots of your relationship.  When the two of you were trying new things together and planning silly dates– when your relationship was fresh, new, and full of possibilities!

We’ve compiled a simple list of fun dates for you and bae to do over the next couple weekends.  And thankfully, it won’t break the bank!


Homemade Couples Messages

My boyfriend and I both train for traveling beach volleyball in CA, so couples messages is DEFINITELY something we started utilizing fairly early on in our relationship.  You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t even have to have ever gotten a message before. Simply springing for some nice oil or lotion and take turn receiving a good rub down.  If anything just simply being, and relaxing with each other is good to change up the pace!

Sweeten Things Up

At some point or another we all wind up cooking for our significant other to show up our chef skills.  But, if you’re living together it’s a given that one of the two of you is preparing a meal of sorts– So, how do you switch this up …?  Make something sweet together! In fact, studies show that baking something sweet together can channel amorous feelings!

Day Date at the Zoo

When’s the last time you went to the zoo..?  When you were on a family vacation or on a class trip in elementary school ..?  Why not mix it up and revisit the past?!? Not only is this fun for the two of you to experience together, but it also helps to shed some light on childhood fun that maybe the two of you can open up and talk about!  Getting back to childhood roots segways into multiple conversations and stories that the two of you have never heard before– So, revisit something you enjoyed as a child. I think you’ll like the activities, emotions, and conversations that erupt from something so simple!

Let’s Go To the Beach

“Long walks on the beach with bae” is a phrase that should never be underestimated.  The natural beauty and calming vibes of the beach can make for a great day date, as well staying a little later to watch the sun go down.  The beach has no limit to what you can and can’t do– there’s tanning, surfing, beach volleyball, boating, water skiing, beach boutiquing … the list is quite literally endless.  Reconnecting in such a calming atmosphere can therapeutic for the both of you as a unit and as an individual. Just don’t forget the sunscreen …

Backyard Camping Trip

Star gazing isn’t to be underestimated, especially if it’s near the comfort of your own home.  There’s something simple, and comforting that brings the two of your together doing somethings slightly out of the ordinary.  It’s like being on a mini getaway without the obnoxious hotel fees!

Pack a Picnic

You don’t have to go out to eat all the time to switch it up– sometimes it’s fun to do something simple and different.  Grabbing a blanket and finding shade underneath a tree is always a great alternative!


Sparking that flame is easier than you would think– it’s a simple matter of getting back to the basics and roots of why your relationship and how it all began!