Why Emotional Connection Is Important?– The Art of Emotional Attraction

We’ve all said the phrase, “I love him like a brother” or “I love her like a sister.”  Often times with these kind of brotherly/ sisterly love relationships people are often confused why the two of you aren’t dating.  It’s quite simple really– though you may feel a very strong emotional connection there is NO physical attraction. At all!

Though, the same can be said about a relationship just based on physical attraction.  If there is nothing more going on in your relationship beyond what happens in the bedroom it’s hard to know how you actually feel about the person.

In both scenarios, it’s hard seeing yourself in an legitimate relationship with either one of these people– which proves the importance of both emotional and physical attraction. Amica Graber, a relationship expert says,


“Meaningful romantic relationships are formed when emotional and physical attraction are combined.  That’s when the real magic happens.”


There are different ways that emotional attraction begins to take shape in a relationship.  

When your partner does little things to make you happy and treats you with overall kindness endorphins are released making the emotional bond stronger.  Or, when your partner confides in you, you feel valued and worthy of their trust.

Also, when someone compliments you perceptions, or the way you view certain scenarios.  This helps the emotional attraction to grow deeper because you feel more comfortable having in-depth conversations with them.

Lastly, when someone begins to take an interest in your hobbies and makes an effort to participate.  It helps the other person feel valued and it’s fun to grow in that experience together!


Physical attraction on the other hand doesn’t quite do beyond the surface.  But, keep in mind that overtime you could wind up being emotionally attracted and vice versa.


At the end of the day we’re all searching for a relationship with the perfect amount of balance!