Dating is NOT as easy as it seems

Yes, it totally is true. it is never as easy as one, two ,three. Not all dates are successful and more often than not leads to a heart break. As we are expecting, dating should give us some comfort but it doesn’t. The fact is, dating is a hard business and it can wear us down.

Like everything in life, some games we play have winners and losers. I wish dating wasn’t a game but it is governed by a complex chemical mixture of body chemistry and environmental conditioning. This means that there are subtle rules and undertones to everything we do and perceive when we meet someone for the first time. Because of this we will not succeed with everyone we meet. If identical twins both have a girlfriend and you swap the twins, research indicates that the girlfriends will know instantly that they are not with the right partner. So something is going on that limits our success with prospective partners.

This is the very reason why we should not set a standard when we are doing online dates nor are scheduled to meet someone. Just go with the flow and never be scared. It is not as hard it is, you just need to talk to someone and show them who you really are with few reservations and restrictions. With that I mean that you must leave something for yourself. remember that the 1st meeting is all about impressions and you better show your real side unless you don’t want to have another one.

But if course, not all dates leads to a good night and a follow up a week after. some would end up not liking the other person as he/she is boring, has a not so good gesture or is just a total ass. Some girls will not hear nything back from the guy after. They will feel like they have wasted their time money and effort. Will feel down and not get out of bed the next day and guess what? Not date again for the next couple of months because of that. Will be scared and will feel down and worried.

While that situation is not new to everyone, dating should leave a positive vibe, whether a successful or a not so good one. Dating is a training ground for everyone. It is a learning process. You get to meet some and loose some. You face people in different walks of life and you learn their individuality. You understand some and you pick a lesson to some and that is how it should be.

Dating is never always about you and how it will all end up. It is about getting to know the other person better and making good conversations. It is about becoming a good person. You might not like the person you have dated or vise versa but life that does not end there. What matters is you get to meet that person, may that be he /she giving you a lift or making you realize that you need to become a better version of yourself.