How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Preparing for a perfect wedding is no joke. From invitations, your dream dress, bridesmaids, to the ideal wedding settings you’re so worried about to please your guests. You dream of the whole event to be extraordinary, a day you’ll remember forever. But what’s next?

Most of the time couples get caught up in preparations, get stressed out and tired right after. You don’t want to remember your wedding to be unforgettably stressful. So, before all the negativity sink in, the last thing you need after organizing your dream wedding is to plan every single detail of your honeymoon. If you want lasting memories of your first step as a wedded couple, do it on your honeymoon before you go back to the real world and spend day after day for work or house chores.

While planning for your wedding keeps you busy, though you have a wedding planner, make sure not to take honeymoon planning for granted. You want to have the ideal honeymoon full of romance, adventure and great memories that will cement your marriage. To make certain that you achieve that extraordinary moment, take a look at these tips. They’re assured to steer you in the route of newlywed bliss.


  • Give Yourself Time


While wedding planning is important before your big day, don’t leave honeymoon planning to the final minute! Start thinking about where and when you’d like to honeymoon as quickly as you set your wedding date. This will give you enough time to do research, ensure you can book your ideal location and perchance take advantage of specials or early booking deals.



  • Prioritize


Decide what the most essential aspects of the honeymoon are for each of you. Do you favor luxurious accommodations or is an excellent secluded beach more important? Are you willing to fly a few extra hours? Will both of you prefer a package deal where you’ll have it all in one place. Knowing what you’re both looking for and what you’re willing to compromise on will make choosing your ideal place easier.



  • Be Realistic


Pick the location and style of trip that best suits you. Sparing thousands of dollars to spend seven plus days to someplace you don’t like, doing things that aren’t fun for you because you simply want it to be extraordinary. If you are happiest drinking margaritas by the pool…do that with your partner. The important thing is to start your marriage blissful and enjoying each other’s company.



  • Involve a Professional


While you can also enjoy reading books and blogs on places and creating the perfect itinerary to best enjoy a unique locale…your honeymoon is the time to involve a travel planner. A planner can take care of every single detail (so you have extra time for wedding planning), recommend places that you haven’t thought of, and usually can get you extra honeymoon perks that aren’t listed on resort websites. In addition, planners are also there for you if your flights are cancelled or terrible climate threatens to ruin your honeymoon.



  • Live it Up


You’re officially married, so now is the time to celebrate your newlywed status! While it is necessary to unwind from your wedding, it is also the ideal time to be adventurous and try new things together. The memories you make now will remain a lifetime (don’t forget to take pictures).