Online Profile: What’s Hot and What’s the NOT

Online dating is truly an awesome way to find love. More often than not, singles would rather spend their time on online dating rather than to have a face to face one as it is less time consuming and you have the option to end the conversation anytime without feeling guilty. Wanna know how to be catchy on your profile? Here are some tips to have more visitors on your profile.

Choose a profile photo that shows You, Just YOU

Smile, and look into the camera. Pick a photo that doesn’t include other people, those giant bug-eye sunglasses you love, or pounds of makeup. Remember – your dates want to see you. Excessive cleavage and drunken party shots may generate a big response, but probably not the kind you’re looking for. That photo wont be always the profile you wanted to show everyone if that is the picture they would like to show their mom.

Honesty is always the best POLICY.

Most profiles would always say about height, weight, and income, but also about things like age, marital status, and how recent that “recent” photo was taken. The temptation to fib is understandable but unproductive. Would you rather spend time in creating the sexiest profile and then look flabby in person? Or just post whatever is true and attract more profiles who prefer your type? Remember, not all men prefer sexy women. Some would rather spend some time talking with the smartest or the wackiest.

Be Careful With What you say

Online dating is basically a high-tech way of talking to strangers. And while most people are online to find partners, it’s safe to assume there are always going be some who are bent on doing harm. Be careful about what you post, even if you think it doesn’t give anything away. If a person asks for your assets, would you want to tell them everything including the price? Hey man, I know you would like to impress, but you surely wouldn’t want them to love you for your money nor put yourself in harm because you have given all the info the burglar needs in order to penetrate your home. Dating makes you discover each other but it does not go beyond knowing all your selling points.

Slowly but Surely

If you have a gift for writing and can communicate irony, it’s fine to lay on a cheesy line. For most of us, though, it’s best to steer clear of anything that might seem overbearing or heavy-handed – or just not translate well out of context. It’s hard to read people’s intent online – we can’t see your facial expressions or hear your tone of voice – so “Where have I been all your life?” might seem hilarious to you but obnoxious to someone else. Once you get to know your potential dates in real life, then you can let that silly flag fly. But first you have to meet them, so play it cool for now. Think before you speak, you’ll never know when you hit a person’s ego, especially when you just started dating.


Like cheesy lines, too much kidding around in your profile can make suitors (or suit-ee) think you consider online dating one big joke. No one likes to be made fun of, or have their time wasted, so show people you’re there because you really are looking for love. So make sure your profile is fun but never obnoxious. You can also state there what you like. But stop for a second to consider how potential dates will interpret what you say. Loving horror and suspense films is fine. Saying you’ve watched Silence of the Lambs 300 times might scare some people away. Save that for later in your real-world relationship. Talking about it in person is better than when you are just chatting online. Some singles might stop talking to you as they might say you have a killer instinct.

These guidelines are not everything that you need to know but they can be a good start. A good profile can say so much about you. A smart start can make lasting relationships. So think, write, reread and save. Make sure that what you post is YOU and not someone else you are hoping to be.