Fears for Tears? Get OVER IT. Start DATING

Lets face it, not all dates are successful. There are a lot of reasons why some are not into it. May that be a trauma on friend’s story about dating or seeing not so good stuffs on television. But what is it exactly that you fear? We have listed below some of them:

Parents Divorced, might happen to them.
Yeah yeah yeah. It does not mean that your mom or dad cheated and got a divorce you will hid yourself in the cabinet and stay single forever. Hey, they are two individuals and so are you, and so is all the singles out there. I understand that you don’t want to undergo the same situation that they were into but not all relationships are like that. You have the option to change yours and nothing will happen if you keep closing your doors. Learn from them, get out of bed and groom yourself. It is a vast world out there, you will surely find your match.

EX is an ASS

Haha, so, your ex left you. And so??? Will remain celibate because of that? Oh, have you forgotten? He/She is not the only individual in this world? And guess what? Your EX might be having a party now and is boasting to everyone that you are still not over him/her. Will you allow that to happen? Or will you go to the gym, make yourself sexier so the next time your wear that tank top, everybody will see your muscles or curves? And who knows? Your EX might bump into you and say “I shouldn’t have had left you”. Well as stated, your ex is an ass, why would you return? Now that you are better, flaunt what you have, make yourself look beautiful, date all you want, and make your EX eat whatever he/she said. Remember, not all ASS is an ASSET.


Poor you, your last date did not turn out as expected because you might have said something wrong or you did not saying at all. Haha.. ok, so its your 3rd, first date? So what? You do not get all dates perfect. Some first dates are way much more worse than what you thought. Others spill drinks, get a very loud burp at the middle of the date or breaks their heels before even arriving at the venue. As they say, life is not perfect and so are you. Sometimes, it’s not you but your date too. There are a lot of reasons why it does not work and everything happens for a reason and that should not stop you from continuously dating. You might fall your false teeth on your next one but that might be a way for him to left you know he has one too? Right?

Not everything you see or hear will happen to you. And not all first times will be the same on the second try. With this, it is a must for everyone not to be scared when dating. Not everything works the first time. So bear in mind that if your are scared or is loosing hope or never wanna try to date again, THINK TWICE. You surely don’t wanna end up alone, don’t you? Now, get out of your fears, go online or have a walk in the park and start one. 🙂