3 Steps to Letting Your Guard Down– For Those Who’ve Been Hurt Before

It seems as though we’ve all been in that one relationship that put a spin on the way we now view romantic relationships.  It seems in lingger no matter what relationship we enter into– this baggage that won’t seem to leave, though we’ve done our best to leave the past where it should stay.  Frankly, I’m right there with you. And, chances are, 8 out of 10 people who find themselves skimming over this post have been in the exact

6 Key Components To a Healthy Relationship– What They Have in Common

It’s no secret that each relationship is different and special in its’ own way.  As cliche as that sounds, it’s entirely true. Everything ranging from personalities, interest, past experiences, dating styles– the list is quite literally endless.  But, what is it about these relationships that keeps the two of them together..? Healthy relationships and the components that make up a healthy relationship is something to be explored because, at one point or another, we all wind up searching for something