Why Emotional Connection Is Important?– The Art of Emotional Attraction

We’ve all said the phrase, “I love him like a brother” or “I love her like a sister.”  Often times with these kind of brotherly/ sisterly love relationships people are often confused why the two of you aren’t dating.  It’s quite simple really– though you may feel a very strong emotional connection there is NO physical attraction. At all! Though, the same can be said about a relationship just based on physical attraction.  If there is nothing more going on

6 Cheap Ways to Put That Spark Back in Your Long-Term Relationship

Even if we don’t often admit it, at one point or another in our long-term relationship we can sense that spark start to fade.  It’s not that you are no longer in love, and it’s not that you want to see anyone else– It’s the simple fact that your days and routines have become habitual and it feels as though you’re simply existing together.   So, how do you reignite that flame ..?–  Lucky for you it’s easy, and fortunately