How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Preparing for a perfect wedding is no joke. From invitations, your dream dress, bridesmaids, to the ideal wedding settings you’re so worried about to please your guests. You dream of the whole event to be extraordinary, a day you’ll remember forever. But what’s next? Most of the time couples get caught up in preparations, get stressed out and tired right after. You don’t want to remember your wedding to be unforgettably stressful. So, before all the negativity sink in, the

Dating is NOT as easy as it seems

Yes, it totally is true. it is never as easy as one, two ,three. Not all dates are successful and more often than not leads to a heart break. As we are expecting, dating should give us some comfort but it doesn’t. The fact is, dating is a hard business and it can wear us down. Like everything in life, some games we play have winners and losers. I wish dating wasn’t a game but it is governed by a