The word dating has relatively changed over generations. What we used to do before is not what we see now. Just when you thought that what you see on TV is what it is before, think again. And would you rather do it in a traditional way or the latest? Of course dating in many countries is not the most common term, in areas of the UK we still see people using terms like “courting”, “going out with”, “stepping out

Why Emotional Connection Is Important?– The Art of Emotional Attraction

We’ve all said the phrase, “I love him like a brother” or “I love her like a sister.”  Often times with these kind of brotherly/ sisterly love relationships people are often confused why the two of you aren’t dating.  It’s quite simple really– though you may feel a very strong emotional connection there is NO physical attraction. At all! Though, the same can be said about a relationship just based on physical attraction.  If there is nothing more going on