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  • Found my soulmate
    Dear Lucky Lovers, I just wanted to thank you for the use of your site which helped me find my soulmate... the love of my life. We could never be any happier then that day we married... my life has changed forever. I was a little skeptical about on line dating especially overseas...but as fate would have it... I found her... I saw her picture and I thought what a very attractive woman and instant messaged her... we chatted on line for one week before I asked her for her phone number and we talked for seven months before I flew down to Kiev to meet her for the first time.... It was instantaneous love... I asked her to marry me and tried to marry on that first trip but do to red tape... it was impossible to make it happen. I flew home to take care of all the paperwork and prepared my self for my new life and then three months later we were married in Odessa... on paper, I'ts been 6 months and I just recently flew back to the Ukraine to convert from Roman Catholic to Russian Orthodox so that we could have an elaborate church wedding in her village of Vilkovo... the Wedding was wonderful...and I guess I made history in my wifes village...because ...being the first American to marry in her church, I was the first american to marry in her village. The people of her village made me feel at home especially her family.... all the VISA paperwork has been filed and I recently got a letter from the immagration service that they got my application and is now under review ... we will hear something from them on Dec 6... Now all I do is wait for my wifes arrival so the we may begin our future...Again I thank you Luckylovers ... you may use this letter as a testimonial... that your site works and is the best !...not only have I met my wife...I've made several friends on this site as well... You may use the pictures on my profile... as I posted a couple of wedding pics....again ... Thank you LL for my new life.... Best Wishes to all Rey & Olga, California
  • Thank you L.L.
    This is Chad right now, Madeline's husband. My wife is cooking some of her delicious Dominican dishes like this special potato salad she makes and good beans, and I asked her if I could look at the posts, and she said okay, and also if I could type something and she said yes my sweet man. I do not have a profile anymore because I had deleted way before I met my beautiful Lady Maddy and become one as a couple. I was on Luckylovers for a while. I was afraid of giving me heart to just anyone. I had my profile as friendship, because I wanted to know the woman first before it became more and not jump into conclusions. Maddy and I stayed good friends, even after I had given up on Luckylovers, I just could not find the lady I truly wanted, but Maddy was in my mind 24/7 all the time oy. I kept contact with my lady. Except we were just friends at that time. I met her as a friend in real life in New York, since I worked in the states for almost 10 years. I would see how my lady would act around her friends. She was a true lady, and she was caring always, respected herself and others around her. I saw her sincerity in her eyes. She is hard working, and very responsible lady. I did not judge my woman for what she calls sterotypes. I learn about her culture Dominican Republic. I heard about it a few times in Canada and positive treaties between Dominican Republic and Canada. She likes my Canadian culture. I showed her many things in Canada, including Banff and the mountains, which she likes very much, I like she is an adventurous woman. During that time we were going out as friends and with a group of friends of hers in the day. She had strict parents she lived with who wanted her home early. I thought strange at age 22 years old, but I met them and they are strict, but are honest hard working people and warm too. It seem she did not notice that I liked her so much. I know she was heartbroken. She was busy with her new goals of going to the U.K. England, and she is so intelligent, she got the job offer in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. I was proud of my lady. I also did not want to lose her. I also wanted her everyday of my life. I had had to tell her this. We were in front of Starbucks Cafe on I think 47th street Midtown Manhattan, waiting for our friends and talking about many things as usual, such as 80's music which we both liked, school, and more. She smiled and I just blushed. I just could not stand losing her, and I needed to be with her so much for the rest of my life. I told my lady, Maddy I had been hurt before just like you, I have known you for a while and everyday I felt for you, fell deep when you smiled and your joyful laugh. You are sexy, funny, smart, beautiful, natural , genuine, does not have bad habits that many girls now days do, and so much I want in a woman. I hope it will not break our friendship Maddy. She looked at me and said some things in Spanish, and I said um. Huh. But they sound sweet. She then said I always wanted to tell you too Chad, but I did not know how. I would do anything to have true love in my life is what my lady said to me. She then explained to me why she wanted to start a new life and relationship with me. PS: My Dominican princess and I wanted to say and forgotten to say that we got married on the 4th of March 2007. I am so happy we found one another and we both thank you luckylovers for helping us find one another. I can not think a day without my latin princess. It is mutual love forever between her and I. My lady told me to tell you thank you for all the good people she talked to on the forums, she is very social person and I also see she enjoys international people. She calm, hard working, exciting and more than amazing to me and I am to her. I see the purity in my lady's eyes. I tell good luck to everyone. Madeline and Chad, Canada
  • Thank you!
    I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all you guys (and girls) who are doing all you can to keep the site genuine and scam free. If only some of the other major sites would give this sort of attention to this problem, there would be a lot less concern, but I think you are leading the fight. Thanks again. Jon